Draft List

  • Ypsilon Mountain IPA

    6% ABV |   60 IBU

    The next beer in our series of IPAs named after Colorado 13er peaks.  This IPA is a cross between the New England style and the West Coast style of IPA.  We call it a "Continental Divide" style IPA.  It features a high wheat content and juicy notes from the dry hopping process but balanced bitterness and aromas from the kettle hop additions.  It tastes like a hazy IPA but looks like the clearest and cleanest craft lager.

  • Get Along Little Hefe Blackberry Hefeweizen

    5.5% ABV |   18 IBU

    Back by popular demand, our blackberry hefeweizen features aroma notes of banana and cloves and finishes with blackberry.  Brewed with local Crystal hops from Ella J Farms in Longmont, CO.

  • Up Gose The Geyser Strawberry Rhubarb Sour Ale

    5.5% ABV |   20 IBU

    This gose is slightly salty and sour and brewed with fresh strawberry rhubarb puree and locally grown Mt Hood hops from Ella J Farms in Longmont, CO.

  • Lenten Loophole Lager

    7.5% ABV |   20 IBU

    Our seasonal Helles Bock or Maibock lager is a traditional helles lager brewed to bock strength.  This copper colored lager is as strong as a traditional bock but slightly lighter in color with a little more hop presence.  Brewed using Crystal hops from our farm in Longmont, CO.

  • Ella J Amber Ale

    6.5% ABV |   25 IBU

    Our special estate beer brewed with all six varieties of hops grown locally at our farm including:  cascade, chinook, crystal, Mt Hood, nugget and tettnanger.  A very crisp, clean tasting beer crafted using all Colorado ingredients.

  • Rocky Mountain Sunrise Saison

    5% ABV |   18 IBU

    A very easy drinking and refreshing French style saison brewed with sweet orange peel.  Crafted using local Tettnanger and crystal hops from our farm in Longmont.  Try this one as a shandy with our house Blackberry lemonade for $1 more.

  • Plainsman Pilsner

    5% ABV |   15 IBU

    This pilsner is a smooth drinking lager brewed with locally grown Tettnanger and Crystal hops from Ella J Farms.

  • Tropical Tundra IPA

    5.5% ABV |   65 IBU

    Papaya, passion fruit and pineapple make up this fruity IPA which is carefully balanced with cascade and simcoe hops for a nice, clean finish

  • Morning Wood (Makes Me Chipper)

    6% ABV |   20 IBU

    This delicious American Amber Ale collaboration was brewed with house-roasted cold-brewed coffee.  It was aged on oak chips that were created by breaking up a bourbon barrel from our barrel cellar and running it through a wood chipper.

  • Broken Sprocket Orange Ginger Pale Ale

    5.5% ABV |   40 IBU

    Our original pale ale crafted using all Colorado ingredients including Crystal and Cascade hops from Ella J Farms and flavored with orange puree and ginger root extract.

  • One Year Anniversary Beer Brut IPL

    6.1% |   30 IBU

    Our special anniversary beer is a Brut India Pale Lager made with local Cascade hops, chardonnay grape juice and champagne yeast for a crisp, dry finish.

  • Cowboy Coffee Milk Stout

    6.25% ABV |   30 IBU

    Robust and flavorful with a residual sweetness.  This stout is brewed with locally grown nugget and Tettnanger hops and then we added over 10 pounds of our freshly roasted house coffee. 

  • Go Where No Mangoes Sour Ale

    7% ABV |   5 IBU

    We kettle soured this beer and brewed with fresh mango puree and locally grown Mt Hood hops from Ella J Farms in Longmont, CO. 

  • Bully For You Scotch Ale

    9.25% ABV |   50 IBU

    Our Scotch Ale is a rich and malty beer with a dominant sweet malt flavor and caramel character. Don’t let this boozy ale sneak up on you as it packs quite a punch with 9.25% ABV 

  • Sweet Subsidence Imperial Raspberry Porter

    8.75% ABV |   25 IBU

    Back by popular demand, we add raspberry puree to our Subsidence Porter.  This seasonal porter is very fruit forward on the nose with notes of chocolate on the finish.

  • Eolus IIPA

    9% ABV |   90 IBU

    A juicy and sticky Double IPA brewed with Cascade, Chinook and Nugget hops from our farm and dry-hopped with Loral and Simcoe. 

  • Bully In A Barrel

    13% ABV |   50 IBU

    We aged our Bully For You Scotch Ale in bourbon barrels from Vapor Distillery to create this deliciously smooth and boozy favorite.

  • A Horse To Be Reckoned With Dark Lager

    7.5% ABV |   18 IBU

    An easy drinking dark lager brewed in the Dunkel style using all Colorado ingredients.  This beer is quickly becomming a taproom favorite.

  • Guest Cider Tap from Wild Cider

    5% ABV |  

    (Ask your bartender about current flavor)

    A refreshing gluten-free option from our friends just up the road at Wild Cider in Firestone, CO.  You can find their ciders on-tap at several local restaurants and in cans at local liquor stores.  Please visit the cider garden at Wild Cider during the summer months.